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Date/Time: Sat, 24 Aug 2019 18:45:57 +0000

Historical data connection issue in version 1536

Support Request:
[2017-05-04 20:47:13]
onnb - Posts: 527
I have an app that connects to the historical port.

In 1536, the logon/connection fails.
In 1529 the same app/code succeeds - it appears as if something broke in between
[2017-05-06 20:01:30]
Queeq - Posts: 31
Hi onnb,

I wonder, do you use binary encoding?
[2017-05-07 04:11:02]
onnb - Posts: 527
Yes, binary encoding
[2017-05-14 04:15:07]
DTC Engineering - Posts: 276
You are referring to the Sierra Chart DTC protocol server for historical data.

In 1536, the logon/connection fails.
Specifically in what way?

The historical data server is used extensively by sub instances of Sierra Chart which are started through File >> New Instance.

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