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Date/Time: Thu, 17 Jan 2019 06:22:42 +0000

Is study & indicator data available via DTC?

Support Request:
[2018-07-30 00:44:11]
User443067 - Posts: 2
In the list of pre-defined messages there is no mention of accessing studies or indicators. Is it possible to access this data via DTC? If so, how? Historical data only, not real-time.

As an example, I'd like 1-minute based VWAP data in addition to OHLC. Sierra Chart is very efficient at rebuilding an enormous tick-by-tick history. If this data is not accessible then tick data must be requested via DTC, compute the VWAP, re-sample to a lower resolution, and throw away the tick data. It would be far more efficient to compute inside Sierra Chart.
[2018-07-30 01:01:39]
DTC Engineering - Posts: 271
No, the protocol does not support study or indicator data.

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