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Date/Time: Thu, 30 Nov 2023 03:42:30 +0000

TradeStation Data To DTC Protocol

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[2019-08-19 19:23:51]
User147461 - Posts: 33
Would it be possible to send real-time data from TradeStation to Sierra Chart via the DTC Protocol?
If so, is there anyone in this forum for hire willing to code this interface? Send bids or pm me.
[2019-08-25 06:19:45]
DTC Engineering - Posts: 320
Yes, this would be possible but does require a significant development effort.
[2019-08-25 21:55:35]
User147461 - Posts: 33
Thank you for confirming that it is possible. Open invitation for bids from anyone willing. If anyone knows of a good freelance coder that has the needed expertise please point them to this thread. Thank you!
[2019-10-12 12:35:38]
DTC Engineering - Posts: 320
We will also see if Trade Station themselves is interested in doing this because they did make an inquiry related to this.
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[2019-10-14 19:23:28]
User147461 - Posts: 33
Just a few months ago TradeStation did complete an agreement with Tradingview so maybe integration-collaboration with SC may also be a possibility.
[2019-10-14 19:29:13]
DTC Engineering - Posts: 320
Perhaps but this is going to be for Trade Station to adopt the DTC Protocol. That is the going to be their responsibility. Sierra Chart is not going to make any effort to work with a proprietary protocol or API of Trade Station. That is 110% out of the question. More like 10,000% out of the question.
[2019-10-14 19:32:03]
User147461 - Posts: 33

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