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Date/Time: Thu, 30 Nov 2023 04:20:56 +0000

Discrepancy in message type 117 for JSON Compact formatting

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[2020-01-16 20:58:05]
User258363 - Posts: 11
Hello, I wasn't sure to post this in SC support or here so I will try here first. I am consuming messages in JSON format for now and I noticed that the format for message type 117 doesn't match the header file ordering. This is the definition for type 117 from http://dtcprotocol.org/DTC_Files/DTCProtocol.h

struct s_MarketDataUpdateBidAskCompact
    uint16_t Size;
    uint16_t Type;

    float BidPrice;
    float BidQuantity;
    float AskPrice;
    float AskQuantity;

    t_DateTime4Byte DateTime;

    uint32_t SymbolID;


but in the JSON message I am seeing the ordering looks more like message type 108. Below is a copy and paste of the 117 message from SC DTC server. As you can see, the symbol id (1102) is printed first while in the "DTCProtocol.h" for message type 117 has it listed last.


Is this expected? I would think the header file needs to be updated.
[2020-01-21 09:41:08]
DTC Engineering - Posts: 320
We have verified this discrepancy. Not sure why the SymbolID is last in the binary structure, it should have been first. So the JSON ordering is correct.
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