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Date/Time: Thu, 28 Sep 2023 04:54:32 +0000

DTC Websocket in browser TLS

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[2020-07-17 12:58:36]
User667559 - Posts: 27
Can someone explain this sentence:
When connecting to the DTC Protocol Server in Sierra Chart using a websocket connection from a web browser, it is necessary to install a valid TLS certificate for the domain used. Both the private key and the certificate need to be placed in the /ServerCertificate folder within the Sierra Chart folder. The file names need to be: TLSCertificate.key, TLSCertificate.crt.

coming from this page:
Data and Trading Communications (DTC) Protocol Server: Web Socket Connections

When I open a webpage on, what kind of certificate would Sierra need then?

And let's say I created a special site dtctrader.com or something and try to connect to Sierra from there, would Sierra need a certificate for dtctrader.com? Can this be self-signed or would the browser dislike this...
[2020-07-24 20:21:13]
DTC Engineering - Posts: 320
Questions regarding TLS certificates are really outside the scope of the support here. And whether certificates are required or not depends upon the browser. You can try without using certificates and see what happens.
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[2021-01-17 10:37:44]
RoadKill - Posts: 38
Well, if using TLS, it is configured on your server, so technically speaking, this is exactly in the scope of your support pages.
[2021-02-10 20:03:58]
DTC Engineering - Posts: 320
What we can say is that Open SSL is being used and these files :
TLSCertificate.key (Private key)
TLSCertificate.crt (Certificate)

are specified through these functions respectively:
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2021-02-10 20:04:06

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